Orion Protocol
Decentralized finance (DEFI) markets are developing day by day. Since there are no intermediary costs in these markets, transactions are much cheaper. It provides the opportunity to borrow and find funds at affordable prices. One of the biggest problems of these markets is lack of liquidity.
Orion Protocol aims to collect liquidity in both DEX and CEX markets on its decentralized platform. Thus, it is aimed to develop many solutions on Orion Terminal. This will enable investors to make their transactions at the best prices and speed. The investor will contribute to the increase of liquidity in the market by choosing the cheapest price with which to trade.

ORN tokens will be used for transactions on the Orion Protocol Platform. The ORN token, which has the ERC20 standard, is designed as a service token. You can earn discounts when trading with ORN, the platform’s token. All Orion Enterprise solutions, including the DEX starter kit for the platform’s blockchains, the Liquidity Enhancement Plugin for exchanges, and the Enterprise Commerce widget for crypto projects, work through the ORN token-powered liquidity aggregator. Brokers that will carry out the trades must stake their required amount of tokens. The more tokens are staked, the higher their chances of being selected for the platform.

ORN token holders; It has several advantages including discounted transactions, using advanced features, protocol access and staking returns. Such platform aims to encourage users to own ORN coins. At the same time, the limited supply of ORN token is one of the most important issues. The number of tokens is limited to 100 million. About one in seven of these are in circulation.


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