Orion Protocol and markets

As it is known, it has always been difficult to trade and transfer value between centralized and decentralized exchanges. The first reason for this is that these exchanges are very different from each other in terms of structure and operation. There are thousands of tokens on hundreds of deals with different interfaces, fees, and processes. It is not possible to avoid liquidity problems of such a large and complex structure. Solve liquidity problems, and it is possible to have a commercial relationship between these exchanges and interfaces. With the construction of central financial institutions providing more liquidity, real decentralized intermediary structures are needed. Many investors have browsed multiple businesses to find the best price and the right trading pairs without sacrificing assets. Mean this too much time, too much effort, and sometimes disappointment.

Switching between these exchanges was a critical need. Various suggestions were made for a solution. This situation resulted in the emergence of the Orion Protocol.
Orion Terminal helps investors save money, time, and assets. It allows them to trade at the best prices on all major exchanges without giving up their private keys. Orion’s Order Matching Engine is embedded in a traditional exchange interface that connects to dozens of different trades in real-time and provides the most extensive list of supported currencies on the market. For the first time, investors have access to the entire crypto market’s liquidity, including 10,000 trading pairs, in one place.

Orion Terminal brings together every order book on the market, allowing cryptocurrencies to be traded at the most advantageous prices. It achieves this with almost zero spreads and zeroes slippage at the best costs and lowest possible fees. Investors will no longer have to risk their assets to access liquidity. Orion will allow users to transfer assets directly to an external wallet immediately after purchase. This means that there is no need to keep any money on the platform. Cold storage and user-controlled wallets significantly reduce the risks of hacking, theft, and downtime typical in centralized exchanges. Investors connect their wallets to the terminal, and their orders can be traded on any major stock exchange — even those without accounts.

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I am a blockchain technology enthusiast. I examine projects built on blockchain and write articles

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Olgun Ali11

Olgun Ali11

I am a blockchain technology enthusiast. I examine projects built on blockchain and write articles

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