DaoMaker review-4 (An important proposition in the blockchain world: Venture Bond)

Just like personal finance, various trends in the world undergo significant changes over time. Finance was once an area of ​​wealth management and hoarding that was interested in men over middle age. It remained that way for a long time. However, today the situation seems to have changed dramatically. A certain age is no longer required to deal with finance. With the effect of technological developments in the last two decades ( smart mobile phones), anywhere and anytime. Your mobile phones now function like bank branches. You can easily do every process.
For this reason, the speed of development in the field of personal finance is very high. The annual growth rate of up to 50 percent is incredible. A market that will reach trillion dollars in a few years is attractive enough.

Daomaker’s new product, Venture Bond, is a product developed in parallel with increased control or returnable offers within projects. It aims to increase retail participation and safety in the field. Venture Bond’s will provide beginners with affordable retail sourcing. Venture Bond is a product launched to create virtually zero risk venture investments. Bonds are initially issued, then retail buys them. Principal money collected from retail generates interest on insured and over-secured margin loans.
The structured state of Venture Bonds will ensure that startups can safely receive the funding they have been committed to. The platform provides parallel delivery of clearing tokens and stocks. It allows beginners to sell at retail without taking the central funds themselves. Will take fees from part of the fund created by the ventures. Will also be charged from part of the token or stock purchased by Venture Bondholders.

It is a fact that Venture Bonds will be necessary, especially in sectors where lack of liquidity is felt. Therefore, it will play an essential role in the development and expansion of the platform.

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