Daomaker platform introduction

Social Mining

One of the main problems of blockchain projects was publicity. Some projects that were well planned and had brilliant ideas were forgotten and could not develop because they were insufficient to express themselves. Daomaker has developed a platform with 17000 registered users and 1000 active users for the initial promotional activities of projects. This community work added value to the blockchain network being worked on and produced high output. Daomaker platform; It has achieved significant success by doing software support and social mining studies to promote essential projects such as Elrond, Harmony, 2key, Lto, Ferrum, Nem, Avalanche, Injective, Orion Protocol.

DYCO Offer

Some of the projects that emerged when the blockchain network was first discovered focused on raising money rather than doing business; They disappeared after a short time together with the money they collected. This situation resulted in investor abuse, loss, and loss of trust.
Daomaker has made a DYCO (Dynamic Coin Offering) offer against this situation, which will harm the adoption of blockchain technology in the long run. In essence, the proposal is based on the fact that the project maker and owners should work for the post-public offering projects and the protection of the investor. If a project does not perform well, the investor has the right to pay back at the initial purchase price, considering specific periods. Tokens representing the returned funds are burned. The decrease in the number of tickets in the market increases the probability of appreciation.

SHO (Strong Owner Offer)

This feature is the Daomaker platform’s public fundraising for a specific project. Initially, the project owners are interviewed, and the investor profile of the type desired by the project is analyzed. The project applying to the SHO proposal may request investors who meet the criteria such as the amount and holding time. An investment proposal for the project is prepared for the investors who meet the project’s conditions. After the necessary promotional activities, the project that accepts the rSHO offer is sold.
rSHO is similar to the DYCO offer. It gives the investor the right to return the tokens belonging to the project that could not perform at a specific time. Thus, it enables project owners to take responsibility for their projects and investors.

A new product for financial markets: Venture Bonds

It is an essential fact that personal finance is overgrowing today. Starting from this fact, Daomaker offers bond interest for stocks and tokens called swap interest. While the interest generated by the bond is offered to beginners as a financing opportunity; Retail buyers of these bonds earn tokens/stocks.
The Daomaker platform will soon launch the DAO token, which will be used in the platform’s operation. Successful strategic sales tour; has become a document of trust in the platform.
It will be insufficient to explain Daomaker with the information written above. That’s why you’ll find links to the platform at the bottom of the page. You can easily access the information you want via these links.

Useful Links

DAO Maker Website: https://daomaker.com/
DAO Maker Twitter: https://twitter.com/thedaomaker
DAO Maker Telegram Chat: https://t.me/daomaker



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