An advanced smart structure and the future trading platform: Orion Protocol

One of the biggest challenges of cryptocurrency trading; there are too many platforms in this area. When there are too many platforms, price differences arise in token sales, and the investor suffers. When the spread spreads are considerable, high costs are incurred, and various trading opportunities are missed due to timing.

Orion Protocol was built as a platform capable of solving these problems of cryptocurrency traders. First of all, a decentralized liquidity collector structure connected to all crypto money exchanges was created and placed in the center of the platform. This structure, called Orion Terminal, provides users with the best price, best trading opportunities, flexibility, and convenience. Orion Terminal creates the standard API to connect to any exchange. Thus, CEX or DEX can be linked to businesses. The order engine, which matches the orders registered in the order book with other exchanges’ prices, divides the charges and guarantees the best prices.

Allows users to trade on a single platform and trade at the most advantageous prices on other exchanges and platforms. You do not need to be a member of other businesses to provide excellent comfort and a pleasant trading experience. At the same time, investors do not waste unnecessary time between platforms. They get the opportunity to make safe transactions.
Since Orion Protocol is designed as an open-source repository for smart contracts, all functions offer the possibility to create robust financial tools for users, developers, and businesses.

To join the liquidity pool and execute orders on behalf of the protocol users, participants must hold a minimum amount of ORN tokens in their accounts. Thus, they can make secure transactions with the advantageous commission rates of the platform.

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