About Orion Protocol a review

Decentralized Finance (DeFi) organizations started to emerge after the crypto coins that appeared with blockchain technology. Accessing financing opportunities at reasonable terms without any intermediaries attracted the attention of investors. However, it is a known fact that there are problems with liquidity in this area.
Orion Protocol is also in the DeFi domain. The most important reason for being in DeFi is that his studies have seen a future in this field. Orion is more than a cryptocurrency exchange; It is an all-in-one DeFi platform that provides the most needed solutions for businesses and consumers. It has the infrastructure to provide access to hundreds of deals, more than a thousand cryptocurrencies, tens of thousands of transaction pairs through Orion Terminal. To make transactions on stock exchanges using Orion Terminal; You do not have to be a member of those exchanges. You do not have to pay fees for each trade separately. Moreover, you will have the comfort of making secure transactions with the keys of your digital assets.

These are steps that will significantly solve liquidity problems. The most crucial point here is that it seamlessly combines the liquidity in all DEX and CEX’s. Moreover, it is a distinct advantage to offer significant arbitrage opportunities while doing these. Furthermore, you do not have to waste unnecessary time since you have chosen the most suitable ones among thousands of trading pairs on hundreds of exchanges.

Looking at the partners of Orion Protocol (such as Holo / Holochain, Wanchaini Elrond Network, Certik), it is seen that they have an essential place in the market. These partnerships will help realize Orion Protocol’s mission to create a complete DeFi solution.

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