A powerful solution in the crypto world: OrionTerminal

Although the crypto world is very new, it has faced fundamental problems. Security, speed, and liquidity problems have always made their presence felt. Different solutions have been offered at other times, but new issues have ever emerged.

OrionTerminal is an important platform that aims to provide a radical and permanent solution to these problems. Collecting the DEX and CEX exchanges’ liquidity on a single platform; offers an excellent decentralized financial structure solution. DEX and CEX collect the order books, trading pairs, liquidity of all swap pools to a decentralized platform on the blockchain. Thus, it enables investors to trade at the lowest prices on a single platform. Secondly, it overcomes the unique problems that exist in the ecosystems of DEX and CEX exchanges. Orion Protocol has established a structure that unifies the liquidity of crypto coins. Thus, it creates a secure system where you trade at the best price every time.

What makes Orion Protocol different is that, rather than competing with the CEX or DEX platforms, Orion Terminal complements both. It aims to offer a decentralized yet new hybrid solution to each liquidity source, without the hassle of managing multiple accounts. It brings together and makes available the best of CEX and DEX exchanges without wasting too much time.
In summary, Orion Protocol offers the investors the liquidity problems, which are the most critical problems of today, and the ability to make transactions at the lowest prices. The investor trading on Orion Protocol will make easier transactions and spend less time. Thus, it will benefit from the most positive aspects of two different structures, such as DEX and CEX.

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